Our Board

The Board of SWMML consists of between three and nine Directors, up to four of whom are appointed by the Board and up to five of whom are elected by the membership. The Board is committed to good governance and strives, wherever possible, to operate in a manner consistent with best practice. The Board meets every second month and also holds a strategic Planning Day every year. It currently comprises eight Directors.

The Board set up relevant committees to ensure good governance within SWMML and these are as follows:

Consumer Advisory Committee

The objective of the Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) is to bring a consumer and community perspective to the planning and quality improvement work of South Western Melbourne Medicare Local (SWMML). The Committee meets quarterly and comprises two Directors with nine independent members of our community:

  • Anne Cox, Chair;
  • Michael Aufgang, Director;
  • Helen McVay, community member;
  • Sue Stevens, community member;
  • Arnie Bates, community member;
  • Colin Muir, community member;
  • John Lawrence, community member;
  • Mukhtar Sheikh, community member;
  • Sonny Villagonzalo, community member; and
  • Melissa Peters, community member.

Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

The purpose and role of the Finance, Risk and Audit Committee (FRAC) is to ensure:

  • oversight of relevant financial and risk policy and processes to monitor compliance with financial and reporting requirements and standards;
  • compliance with applicable legislative, regulatory, codes of practice, standards and government directive requirements; and
  • the organisation is adequately audited, external audit findings are reported to the Board and recommendations acted upon.

The Committee meets every second month and comprises three Directors:

  • Kim McAliney, Chair;
  • Julian Glynn, Director; and
  • Hayden Raysmith, Director.

Clinical Leadership Committee

The Clinical Leadership Committee was set up to ensure that the organisation has documented strategies, policies, procedures and systems to optimise the quality and clinical governance environment, activities and outcomes of the organisation. It meets every second month. The Committee comprises two Directors and has an independent person sitting on the Committee:

  • Linda Mellors, Chair;
  • Richard Sloman, Director; and
  • Mark Round, independent member.

Nominations Committee

The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to provide advice and recommendations to the Board and/or the members on specified matters, particularly in relation to Board composition and performance. The Nominations Committee has the task of recruiting Directors when required and overseeing the Board appraisal process. It meets on an as needs basis and comprises one Director with two independent persons:

  • Linda Mellors, Chair;
  • Vivienne Corcoran, independent member; and
  • Craig Rowley, independent member.