International Nurse's Day

admin, Monday 12 May 2014

International Nurses Day (IND) is celebrated annually on May 12 and this year SWMML would like to celebrate IND by recognising the great work undertaken by our nurses in the SWMML office, as well as thanking those in our wider community  and acknowledge their vital roles in running many of our nurse-led clinics.

In celebration of the day, we asked our nurses what IND meant for them, and how their nursing experience has helped their role at SWMML to provide equitable access and necessary health services throughout the primary healthcare sector. Here's what they had to say:

"I commenced my career in paediatric oncology, but seeing the opportunity for better care of the dying I moved into community and hospice palliative care afterwards. I became a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Palliative Care, also gaining a Post Graduate Diploma in this area.  I then moved into clinical post graduate education before transferring across to management of community services, acquiring my Masters of Leadership during this time. I opened a private home nursing service before managing the merger of an aged care, community services and welfare services provider.  Witnessing the issues caused by a lack of integrated primary health care system and wanting to work with general practice to support their work as the centre of primary care, I became CEO of a Division of General Practice in Brisbane, before transferring to Melbourne to establish SWMML. I strongly believe in the role of nurses in any health setting, to provide strength and leadership within the healthcare team as well as specialist expertise,  advocacy and support for the patient. International Nurses Day is a chance for nurses to be recognised for the integral role they play." Gaylene Coulton - SWMML CEO 

"I'm a registered mental health nurse with experience in the public mental health service, caring for people with serious mental illness in acute inpatient and rehabilitation units. I have a good understanding of the impact of a mental illness on a person’s life, and the importance of holistic care. This understanding, along with my experience, have helped to fuel my passion in helping those who require mental health treatment to overcome the difficulties associated to accessing services." Stefanie Olivieri - Mental Health Coordinator

"Nursing has given me the opportunity to work in several different countries and in different nursing fields where I worked for many years in General Nursing, Midwifery and Neonate Intensive Care. Alongside my current position at SWMML, as a  Primary Care Nurse Specialist, I also work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in 
an Emergency Department. I believe there is no limit to what nurses can contribute to health services to improve patients’ health outcome. A nurse can be a patient carer, organiser/leader, problem solver, quality controller, educator and agent of connectivity. Let recognise our nurses and celebrate International Nurses Day."  Kim Willrow - Primary Care Nurse Specialist

"I have worked for many years in nursing and midwifery education and management in public hospitals and now working with SWMML and loving the new opportunities and challenges of primary healthcare. On International Nurses Day I would especially like to acknowledge the important role primary care nurses play in keeping people well and out of hospital." Julie Hammett - Project Lead


SWMML Nurses L to R: Julie Hammett, Lauren Davidson, Alex Rojas, Kim Willrow, Stefanie Olivieri, Marianne Del Papa and Gaylene Coulton. Absent: Luise Grisdale

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