Travel immunisation

Exposure to infectious diseases is one of the health hazards of international travel.

In a pre-travel medical consultation it is important to gather information regarding

  • relevant personal information of the traveller e.g. age, pregnancy or planning pregnancy
  • underlying medical conditions, in particular immune-compromising conditions and current medications used
  • vaccination history, including adverse events following immunisation
  • allergy history of the traveller
  • detailed itinerary, including date of departure ( to allow for time period available for vaccinations), specific locations and transit routes, rural versus urban stay, likely access to healthcare, probability of deviation from planned itinerary
  • purpose for travel and intended activities
  • plans for travel insurance

This information will assist in giving advice regarding preventative health measure (food & water, avoiding bites from mosquitoes), advice regarding possible health conditions during time away, plus the choice of preventative vaccines that are tailored to the proposed trip.

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