Self Management Support 

Supporting patients to self-manage their health is an intervention strategy supported by SWMML.

Those patients that are at risk of developing a chronic disease, those who have recently been diagnosed with a chronic disease, and those managing a long-term chronic disease will need the support of their GP or health care professional to manage their own condition

A self-management approach to chronic disease can involve a number of different health care providers; working together with individuals, families and carers to provide support.

This includes assisting patients to manage their own care by

  •  collaboratively assessing the patients’ needs
  •  setting goals and developing realistic actions to support self-management
  •  providing the patient with access to relevant information

What is self-management?

Self-management is the active participation of patients in their own health and well-being by

  •  making and participating in informed decisions about their health
  • building and sustaining partnerships with others who are involved in their healthcare
  • having the ability to manage the effect of their health on their functionality, emotions and interpersonal relationships  
  • monitoring and managing signs and symptoms of illness and chronic conditions

SWMML can assist your practice to develop a care plan for patients with chronic disease and access the available PIP payments.

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