Working at SWMML


Current opportunities

Our people

Work with the best and brightest local people who have come from a variety of different industries (health, non-profit and corporate) with a wealth of experience who are working towards improving our community’s health.

Career opportunities

Flexibility and variety in job responsibilities, means you don’t get pigeon holed into a role giving our people greater career opportunities.

Our people can shift skill sets quickly

We love a generalist – someone who’s not afraid to roll their sleeves up and get the job done.   Our team multi-task and multi-task big time!   Because of that, we offer the opportunity for our people to learn new skills and gain experience in areas they have yet to tackle.

Access to the decision makers

Get the opportunity to interact with the CEO and the Executive team either to show your stuff, learn from the best, or simply get reinvigorated on a regular basis.   Our organisation structure lets you take advantage of a smaller internal community.

Value business skills

We have a great mix of people from the corporate and non-corporate business world. We recognise the lines between corporate and community are shrinking, and the value of those from each sector is rapidly being understood and enhanced by the other.


We recognise the importance of on-going education and training and support our people with their Individual Training Plans.

Great work environment 

Where you work is very important, after all you spend the majority of your day at work.  We can offer:

  • great new offices
  • flexible working hours
  • importance placed on the health and well-being of our people
  • lunch time pilates class
  • walking group
  • fresh fruit delivered weekly

The SWMML team take every opportunity to celebrate individual, team and organisational success’ and milestones.

So why wouldn’t you want to work here!