Practice Accreditation

Accreditation not only recognises and acknowledges the quality of a General Practice, it also seeks to identify strategies for continuous quality improvement in terms of structures, processes and outcomes of care.

Continuous quality improvement acknowledges there is always room for improvement and that problems should be approached in a preventative or proactive manner.

The process towards accreditation is a flexible, consultative process with the needs of the consumer/patient seen as the central consideration. It is the responsibility of all staff to remove barriers to quality.

Best practice strategies include compliance with relevant standards and auditing processes.

The organisation participates in an audit as part of the accreditation process.

An accreditation certificate acknowledges that the practice has met a set of standards which have been audited against established criteria. 

Accreditation standards cover areas such as

  •  clinical governance
  •  practice services
  •  rights and needs of patients/consumers
  •  quality assurance and education
  •  practise administration
  •  physical factors

Accreditation is a continuous team effort covering all aspects of the practice.

The role of the practice team in accreditation

  •  developing and maintaining written protocols
  •  implementing change within the practice to comply with established standards
  •  maintaining ongoing compliance
  •  assisting with self-assessment
  •  writing practice information sheets
  •  developing and coordinating patient satisfaction surveys
  •  self-audit processes

SWMML can assist in

  • practise audits
  • development of an action plan
  • cultural change process
  • mock accreditation
  • targeted training

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RACGP Practice Accreditiation