Mental Health

As a Medicare Local, SWMML acts as the fund holder for ATAPS, the Access to Allied Psychological Services program.

ATAPS provides short term goal oriented focused psychological strategies for clients with common mental disorders. This initiative differs from the Medicare Better Access Program in that it targets hard to reach disadvantaged groups and there is no cost associated for clients.

General Practitioners and certain other healthcare professionals can refer eligible clients to ATAPS. The ATAPS allied health professionals include psychologists, mental health social workers, mental health nurses and mental health occupational therapists.

Clients cannot access Medicare Better Access and ATAPS in the same calendar year (except under exceptional circumstances)

There is NO COST to the client  for ATAPS.

For eligibility criteria and services provided, please click the appropriate link.

ATAPS Allied Health Professionals Directory


General Component

TIER 2 Specialist Streams

Child Mental Health Service

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Component

Perinatal Depression Service

Suicide Prevention Service

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Please contact Stefanie Olivieri for more information ph.: 8731 6501 or Sheryl Tunnecliff ph.: 8731 6501


Expression of Interest for Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) Allied Health Professionals

South Western Melbourne Medicare Local (SWMML) will be issuing an expression of interest for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) to provide services under the ATAPS program. The contract will be until the 30th of June 2014.

The purpose of seeking further ATAPS AHPs is to address some of the gaps within our current ATAPS program. They include: experience in suicide prevention and completion of the free online suicide prevention training offered by APS, experience working with children and adolescents, experience working with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and completion of the free two day cultural awareness and safety workshops offered by the Australian Indigenous Psychology Association, experience working with interpreters, ability to speak another language than English and availability of after hours appointments.

We will be providing further details shortly.