The eHealth record system will provide healthcare professionals with easier access to health information from other healthcare organisations and professionals. This will make continuity of care easier and improve the treatment decisions for your patients.

An eHealth record is a personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) of a patient’s health history that is held in one central electronic location and can be accessed by any provider with permission from the patient.

It does not replace the current patient health records kept at your practice.

Preparing your practice to be eHealth ready

For a flow chart overview of eHealth click here

The eHealth team of specialists at SWMML are available to assist you with all the requirements to be ready for eHealth.

Please contact Manfred Queteschiner for more information  or telephone 8731 6510

The five requirements to be eHealth ready

R1 – Integrating Healthcare Identifiers into Electronic Practice records

 ePIP Resources Flow Chart for your reference here

R2 – Secure messaging capability

Practices must have a Standards compliant product with secure messaging capability that is listed on the PIP eHealth Product Register for Secure Messaging.

Alternatively, the practice can have written advice from a vendor listed on the PIP eHealth Product Register for Secure Messaging that their secure product will be available to the practice in the required timeframe.

R3 – Data records and clinical coding

Practices must ensure that where clinically relevant, they are working towards recording the majority of diagnoses for active patients, using a medical vocabulary that can be mapped against a nationally recognised disease classification or terminology system.

Practices must provide a written policy to this effect to all GPs in the practice.

R4 – Electronic transfer of prescriptions

The practice must ensure that the majority of their prescriptions are sent electronically to a Prescription Exchange Service (PES).

R5 – Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR)

Click here for DoHA PCEHR registration

We are available to assist practices with the integration of eHealth into the practice, please contact Manfred Queteschiner for more information  or call 8731 6510