Cold Chain Audit

Cold Chain is a temperature controlled audit of the pharmaceutical supply chain. It requires the uninterrupted storage and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs within a given temperature range.

Vaccines must be stored between 2 – 8 degrees Celsius

The potency of vaccines is affected by heat, freezing and light exposure, either direct or fluorescent. A vaccine is considered frozen if a temperature of 0 degree Celsius is reached.

Never administer a vaccine if you cannot guarantee the potency.

Thermal testing validates the audit of storage facilities at general practice clinics.

SWMML regularly conduct cold chain audits with medical practices in the Hobsons Bay and Wyndham areas.

The ongoing monitoring of the storage of pharmaceutical drugs within a medical clinic environment is part of the total quality control program implemented as an element of Practice accreditation

For more information or to book a Cold Chain audit please contact Carole Quinn or call 8731 6515

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