ATAPS Perinatal Depression Service  

The National Perinatal Depression Initiative provides women with assistance for perinatal depression that would benefit from short-term treatment. If the needs of the woman are more complex a longer term program to meet her needs may be required.

Eligibility for Perinatal Depression Service

  • Women residing within the local government area of Wyndham and Hobsons Bay
  • Women who are pregnant or have a child up to 12 months old and are experiencing perinatal depression Women who are less able to pay (low income, health care card holders, pensioners)
  • Women who would benefit from brief psychological interventions
  • Women who are currently not in crisis and are not at risk to themselves or others

What is provided?

Clients are initially eligible for up to six time-limited sessions, with an option for up to a further six sessions following a mental health review by their GP.

The GP may consider that in exceptional circumstances the client may require up to an additional six sessions above those already provided (up to a maximum total of 18 sessions per client per calendar year).

Exceptional circumstances are defined as a significant change in the clients clinical condition or care circumstances which make it appropriate and necessary to increase the maximum number of sessions. It is up to the GP to review and determine that the client meets these requirements. In these cases a GP review is required and the exceptional circumstances noted in the request..

Referral Procedure

GPs and Psychiatrists can make referrals to the ATAPS Perinatal Depression Component by completing an ATAPS referral form and a mental health treatment plan. Clients must give consent and receive the Client Rights & Responsibilities and Privacy Information brochures.

Please fax the completed ATAPS referral form and mental health treatment plan with client consent to SWMML on 8742 4457.

A provisional referral can be made by an alternative professional who is approved by ATAPS and SWMML and include Maternal Child Health Nurses, Mother Baby Unit Werribee Mercy Hospital, Maternity Services Werribee Mercy Hospital, and Maternity Service Sunshine Hospital by completing the Perinatal Depression Provisional Referral Form.  

Please fax the completed Perinatal Depression Provisional Referral Form with client consent to SWMML on 8742 4457.

As a provisional referral does not require a mental health treatment plan, the client must visit their GP, preferably within two weeks of the first ATAPS session for a mental health treatment plan

Information sheets and forms

Perinatal Depression Component Information Sheet

ATAPS Eligibility Criteria

For GPs:

ATAPS GP Referral Process

ATAPS Referral Form, Mental Health Treatment Plan

ATAPS Review Referral Form

For Provisional Referrers:

Provisional Referral Process

Provisional Referral Form

Provisional Referral Letter to GP

Please contact Sheryl Tunnecliff for more information  ph.: 8731 6501

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