Allied Health

We are working together with Allied Health Professionals in the Wyndham and Hobsons Bay area to further enhance the knowledge, sharing and networking amongst professionals in our area.

Part of our focus is to assist professionals to navigate the health care system and to make access to Allied Health Professionals easier for residents to find the health care most appropriate to their needs.

In 2013 - 2014 

  • We will visit allied health practices in our area to introduce SWMML and to assess how SWMML can be supportive
  • We will host networking opportunities and Advisory Groups
  • We will introduce eHealth and assess how we can assist to implement eHealth initiatives with you and the barriers to achieving this
  • We will establish a Primary Care Network Group which includes selected Allied Health Professionals, General Practitioners and Hospitals
  • We will continue to offer Cultural Awareness Training Workshops for allied healthcare providers
  • We are working with Victoria University on their new 2014 curriculum. The course will incorporate Allied Health Professionals in a simulated environment for medical students. This new curriculum will help the medical students understand the important roles played by Allied Health Professionals in the management of patients and appreciate the benefits of using a team approach to health management.

Please contact Sonja Zahra for more information or call  8731 6534