Aboriginal Health 

What is closing the gap?

Closing the Gap is a commitment by all Australian governments to work together across all departments to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

There are six specific targets

  • To close the life expectancy gap within a generation
  • To halve the gap in mortality rates for indigenous children under five in a decade
  • To ensure access to early childhood education for all indigenous four year olds in remote communities within five years
  • To halve the gap in reading, writing and numeracy achievements for children within a decade
  • To halve the gap in Indigenous Year 12 achievement by 2020
  • To halve the gap in employment outcomes between Indigenous and non- indigenous Australians within a decade

We do this by providing access to specialist staff that can assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in our community to access health services.

We also offer services to community members to assist in the managment of their healthcare.

Care Coordination Supplementary Services (CCSS)

Our CCSS Care Coordinator works to improve chronic disease prevention and management for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s by enabling better access to Allied Health Professionals and specialist services.

The CCSS Care Coordinator identifies barriers restricting access to services, provides information about the services available within the region, encourages and supports patients to access related health services as identified in their care plan, and assists patients to attend appointments and access recommended care.

Our CCSS Care Coordinator is Alex Rojas or call 8731 6540


SWMML provide an Aboriginal Outreach Officer to assist local Aboriginal Australians to make better use of health care services, this can include

  • Establishing links in the local community to encourage Aboriginal health checks
  • Identifying Aboriginal people who would benefit from improved access to health services
  • Providing practical assistance to Aboriginal people to attend appointments
  • Assisting Aboriginal people to complete forms and communicate with medical reception staff
  • Attending referred specialist services and care coordination when necessary
  • Distributing information to Aboriginal people about other programs that may be of assistance

Our Aboriginal Outreach Officer is Darleen Christensen or call 8731 6513

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